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December 16, 2018

GNN’s New Gift Book is Now Available on Amazon, Great For Stocking Stuffers!

Announcing The New Book From Good News Network!

Here’s your answer to the barrage of negativity in the media: …And Now, The Good News shines a spotlight on the extraordinary and everyday heroes, the solutions and innovations that will make you feel optimistic and hopeful about our world.

  • A small paperback with 28 stories, great for reading on an airplane or daily commute
  • Five categories—World, USA, Animals, Inspiring, and Celebrities
  • Includes photos and exclusive stories not currently found anywhere on the internet, not even on GNN!
  • Perfect for placing in office waiting rooms, or giving as thank-you gifts

Now Available on Amazon.com—And Overseas

You can purchase now on Amazon.com to get immediate shipping—and it’s on Prime. Buying on Amazon will help to boost the book’s ranking. (Be sure to leave a review after you get the book, as those are very helpful!)

If you are outside the United States, you will always need to order from Amazon:

United Kingdom




Australia (available soon, we hope–check back)

Italy (available soon, we hope–check back)

This collection of unique and inspiring stories celebrates the 20th anniversary of Good News Network—the website that features all-positive news from around the world at GNN.org. Created in 1997 by former Washington, DC television news editor Geri Weis-Corbley, these are among her favorite GNN stories from two decades.

How to Get Our Premium Quality, Limited Edition, First Printing Copies

FOR USA RESIDENTS ONLY: On Tuesday, we will launch our Limited Edition books, of which there are only 4,000 copies available before Christmas at White Cloud Press. (Check back here to get that link when it goes public on Tuesday—or buy from Amazon.com immediately, for our print-on-demand version.)

Do you know someone who always complains about the news? Buy this book and give them a dose of GOOD news, (for a change)…

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