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May 27, 2018

God Is A Sinner

God Is a Sinner And A Human Invention!

I cannot remember a moment in time since i gained awareness on this planet a moment in time,when i have not heard of death and destruction in one place or another around this globe that we inhabit. Why would an all knowing god allow such devastation and waste of human life. Why does a god allow his own creation to kill and maime at will,not only amongst his own image creation,the human species but also the other species of his creation. Why create and also allow destruction.

If god is all that mighty,why does he allow it to happen,why does god allow evil to be part of his domain.Why does god demand that we be his faithful sheep while at the same time allow this same herd to partake in evil doing. God must be toying with his own creation,god must be full of mischief enjoying and watching as his creation destroys itself,god must maintain a games condition that he alone enjoys. God must be a sinner since as a creator why let death and destruction by the hand of his creation happen.Why allow his creation to destroy all that he has created.

If i have a god then my god is one of creation and he does not destroy or allow the destruction of anything that is within his domain. My god is the creator that does not destroy.My god’s beingness is one of good and not of evil and evil is not in my god’s being and he will not entertain evil as part of his domain.A god of creation does not destroy or allow destruction and does not allow his herd to destroy itself or his creation.An almighty god would not alow that to happen because he is not a sinner.

My god is not a sinner and thus will not let us destroy or allow evil to thrive in his domain and let the following occur,for in definition my god would not allow the following evil to occur in his domain.

God will not let his people be morally bad or commit wrongfull things on others or themselves and wickedness would never be there.

God will not allow anything that causes harm, misfortune, or destruction may it be an individual or nature at large and would not be part of a world that will let a leader’s power to do both good and evil. All leaders would only be made to be good and the bad eradicated.

An evil force, power, or personification does not exist in my gods domain.

All cause effect or source of suffering, injury, or destruction has no place in his domain and the social evils of poverty and injustice are nowhere to be seen.

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