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May 27, 2018

Her In Mind For A Gift That Will Keep Her Giving

I have always believed that a special gift on Valentines Day for my significant other,goes along way in maintaining a giving relationship and most of all,blissfull loving peace for the rest of the year.My shopping is done online and i make sure that the delivery is made to my office and not at home.

It is important that throughout the whole year,i pay attention to what her needs are and what she wants.I find it quite easy to read between the lines,for those indicators that tell me of her wants and needs as the year rolls on.I mostly go with what she needs as opposed to what she wants.When we go out shopping i pay special attention to what she likes,looks at and wishes for.I watch and make mental notes of what she likes to wear on a regular basis,especially clothes and jewelry.I want the Valentines Day gift to be a personal one to her and definitely not an item that we both can use.Items like furniture for the home or communial gifts will not work i learned that the hard way.A personal gift solely for her is what she wants.

I do not gift items that are perishable,i combine them all,flowers,a card,jewelry or clothing and most of all an outing not to the next door beer hole or anything local but somewhere a little off the way from our locality.We spend the night out of the house and i make all the arrangements making sure that i do not do the same thing every year.She might expect a night out on V-Day but she will never know where.

My lady loves clothes and jewelry as indicated above,nothing extravagant but something that she can wear and recall where it came from.I am not a patient shopper but as the year goes by,i browse through different websites for something that catches my eye.I do not necessarily purchase my valentines day gifts in February,if something catches my eye and the price is right,i will make make the purchase at any time of the year and all i have to do is make sure it is well hidden.As i said before,once i see something that she would love i make the purchase and if i feel that it might not work for her,i replace it with something else and keep the current one for another spontaneous occation.My lady goes through alot of changes as far as her needs and wants go,so i always go with the flow and so far i have not failed in always giving her a gift that she adores on valentines day,as long as i stick to clothes and jewelry.

A bottle of perfume to go with a piece of apparel goes along way in consolidating the gift and i do so believe in mixing it up and she loves it alot.A lone gift will not work,you have to move up the ladder towards the most prized gift,it makes it fun and meaningfull because what i am telling her is that i appriciate all the fun and love she brings into my life.Its not all about the actual gifts that i have shopped for her that matter most.Its the way i present them to her and buying several items for her makes it a valentines day worth waiting for because she rewards back in return in one huge joyous way.

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