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June 4, 2018

The hypocrisy Runs Deep At The Core Of The Gambling Industry

The lottery,stock market,horse racing to name a few all lie within what you call gambling games,they each consist of a win or loose end product and yet online gaming in the US has become so restricted by the US government to the point of being outlawed.People flock daily into convenient stores to buy lotto tickets,the stock market for stocks and bonds,horse racing venues for a winning ticket and land based casinos for slots,poker etc. in droves,most do not even bother to declare their winnings or losses on their income tax returns and yet the government made the move to restrict online gambling by making it harder for individual players to gamble in a way that in my opinion is very intrusive.

In order for a US citizen to get an opportunity to gamble online he or she has to declare to their bank that this is the intended purpose of the transaction.Their own hard earned money being subjected to scrutiny only because they wish to have fun gambling online.The lottery,stock market or horse racing players are not restricted this way,they are not required to declare where their hard earned money is going or how much for that matter.

Did these restrictions come to bare due to lobbying by land based casinos in Reno,Las Vegas and elsewhere,did these casinos see a loss in revenue due to the huge influx into online gambling or do they just want to cash in more profits by getting those players that just want to stay in the comfort of their own home and gamble into their casinos.If this is the case then its pure greed and a need to monopolize the gaming industry at the expense of free enterprise.

US players comprised up to 65% of the total percentage of online gamblers worldwide 65% ladies and gentlemen and today the percentage is way down there and not worth mentioning.I can see their point of view but i really do not understand it because they all have websites that they promote,my only conclusion is that they do not want to compete with online only based casinos.

If online gambling is a security issue,i do not see how one can finance a criminal enterprise with a game of mostly chance.Gambling is a win or loose game and even professional gamblers loose,the house holds the cards.Drugs on the otherhand can finance a criminal enterprise and they have for a long time now.You cannot pin point a winner in gambling an individual can be real good at it but there is always someone better or more lucky for that matter.

Online gambling in my point of view has great benefits,one does not have to travel at the risk of getting into some accident or into mischief like one would be tempted to get into,with all that booze and other extracalicular activities that i will not mention here readily available in casinos or worse fall victim to criminal elements who want to cash into your winnings.Online gambling gives the player the security of their own home.

Land based casinos today still have the extra edge because they earn huge revenues from hotel accommodations,shows,thyme parks,restaurants and more,so i do not see the logic of any reason why they would lobby for huge restrictions on online gambling.Now do not take my opinion as a true fact,it’s just the way i see it,i do not know for a fact that land based casinos did infact lobby for restrictions on online casinos.

I have nothing aganist land based casinos,infact i have spent alot of time in Las Vegas and i love that sin city,it has alot to offer and everyone in America should make a point of visiting because it’s very intoxicating and there is no place like Las Vegas on this planet.
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All i ask for is a fair shake for all those online casinos because America is based on free enterprise as long as it is legitimate and does not pose a criminal function within it.All affiliates like myself have to submit a legitimate W9 form for verification to the online casino in
order to market their product online and one does not get paid a penny in commissions unless this is done .The W9 form is submitted to the IRS at the end of each fiscal year for tax purposes.So why loose all that tax revenue Uncle Sam even if you feel that the players might be cheating you which is not necessarily true because there are more honest than dishonest Americans.Have a little more faith towards us because we have a lot of faith in you and that is why we elect you into that prestigious office that you hold.
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